Expatriate Medical Doctor Position Announcement

Tashkent International Clinic (TIC) in Uzbekistan (www.tashclinic.org) provides healthcare services for the expat community in Tashkent. TIC is a not-for-profit that provides the highest quality of family, pediatric, and travel medicine to our expat community in Uzbekistan.

Expatriate Medical Doctor: 

The Tashkent International Clinic (www.tashclinic.org) in Tashkent, Uzbekistan is seeking a Doctor to serve as the Expatriate Medical Doctor with credentials in Family Practice medicine for at least a one-year term starting January 2023. The Expatriate Medical Doctor is a key position within TIC and, working alongside the Medical Director, plays an important role in delivering the highest standards of healthcare to Uzbekistan’s expatriate community in an affordable and accountable manner. This position provides a unique opportunity to work in a multicultural setting, collaborating and working with a diverse team of professionals. The Clinic serves the expatriate population in Uzbekistan, as well as tourists visiting the ancient Silk Road cities, focusing on family medicine, emergency medicine and medical evacuation. The successful candidate will be flexible and resilient, and ideally have previous experience working in challenging overseas environments and with a range of nationalities.

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