“Global Wellness Day” 2023

Tashkent International Clinic and Spa Global Expert are proud to announce that the 12th Annual Global Wellness Day was held in Uzbekistan.

The Global Wellness Day was founded by Ms. Belgin Aksoy 11 years ago in Turkey. The purpose of the initiative was encourage many countries to support their nations to feel healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally with the slogan –  “One day can change your whole life”.

The event was held at Panarams hotel on 10th of June. The Tashkent International Clinic and Spa Global Expert were pleased to welcome Ms. Consuelo Vidal-Bruce – United nations Resident Coordinator  to open ceremony as part of UN 17th Sustainable Development Goals – Good Health and Well- Being  and wellness expert Mr. Tejedor Cesar, Emeritus Ambassador of Global Wellness Day. The distinguished guests were invited from the embassies, international organizations and national communities to be part of the important event.  

We are very happy to inform you that now Uzbekistan is part of the Global Wellness Day map.

Posted by Tashkent International Clinic

August 28, 2023 | CSR