There are certain principles upon which our clinic community is based. We believe that all members of our clinic community possess worth and dignity and should be treated accordingly. We believe that TIC should strive to be inclusive, compassionate, welcoming and non-hierarchical.

We believe that all members of the TIC community, including Board members, patients, clients, medical staff, administration and support staff, should try to:

  • Respect themselves and others irrespective of their differences;
  • Develop their own personal values and respect the values of others;
  • Value their own culture, respect and strive to understand the cultures of others and understand and support multiculturalism in our community;
  • Be ethical, act with honor and integrity and above all, show concern and care for others in and outside our clinic community.

For our clinic community to be effective, we believe that every member should do his or her best to support the principles upon which it is based. In short, all TIC constituencies are key to living our Community Principles.

As employment opportunities at TIC become available we will list them here. Currently we are fully staffed.