Meet our Director


Ms. Alemka Berliner is the new, and also returning, Executive Director of Tashkent International Clinic. As the part of the clinic team, she will support high-quality of medical services and effective management of the clinic's operations while seeking new projects that would help identify and address the healthcare needs of the expat community in Uzbekistan.

Ms. Berliner worked as an internationalization and localization manager at Computer Vision and Parametric Technology Corporations in Massachusetts from where she managed teams in the US, India, Japan, and Germany. After obtaining a graduate degree, Ms. Berliner continued her work internationally in Croatia, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Georgia, and Belgium. Her work was in both clinical and educational settings, acting as a counselor, teacher, manager, coach/organizational effectiveness consultant, and director. She developed and conducted workshops on a number of topics, such as conflict management, quality processes and procedures, communication in clinical settings, and customer service.

Ms. Berliner served as the Executive Director of Tashkent International Clinic for four years (2009-2012), and in subsequent years returned to Uzbekistan several times as a consultant providing TIC and TIHES Board orientations and the clinic’s staff training.

Ms. Berliner’s graduate degree is in Counseling and Personnel Services from University of Maryland, College Park, and she also a diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. She is a Licensed Professional Therapist in Virginia and Missouri in the United States.