Association of Private Tourism Organizations of Uzbekistan

The Tashkent International Clinic is participating in The Association of Private Tourism Organizations of Uzbekistan charity event – “From the bottom of our hearts” 

From the APTA web-site, “Our country and its citizens pass an important exam, when the actions of each and every one will help as painlessly as possible to overcome the serious danger hanging over us. Only by united and competent actions we can overcome all the dangers and problems associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Most tour operators and hoteliers, realizing that their activities shape the image of the country, are actively trying to solve the problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic, helping foreign tourists to overcome the hardships associated with the flight uncertainty and the danger of contracting the disease far beyond the borders of their home country as painlessly as possible. In the days of quarantine, it is customary to help those who are impacted. Therefore, using the consolidated opportunities of representatives of the tourist industry of Uzbekistan, we are trying to make a contribution to the recovery and improvement of the situation, as well as provide assistance and support to foreign tourists who, by fate, ended up in our country during the announced quarantine. The Association of Private Tourism Agencies of Uzbekistan (APTA) organized a charity event “From the bottom of our hearts”, whose aim is to help and support foreign tourists. Within the framework of the action, it was possible, due to the collected resources of APTA members, to raise a significant amount of funds. “Now it's time to act decisively. If foreign tourists who are in our country experience difficulties (organizational, consulting, psychological, health problems and accommodation), we invite them to contact the APTA hotline number - (97) 727 20 04”, - said APTA’s chief Gulchekhra Israilova. Together with the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development and in cooperation with tour operators and hoteliers, we will promptly solve the problems and difficulties encountered by foreign travelers in the Republic of Uzbekistan at the expense of funds raised as part of the "From the bottom of one's heart" campaign.

The Tashkent International Clinic (TIC) with more than twenty-five years of experience, providing primary and emergency medical care for foreign tourists and visitors in Uzbekistan is here to support you 24/7 with your medical concerns.  Call TIC at:  (+998-71) 291-01-42   or (+998-71) 291-07-26 If unable to come to the clinic we will send an ambulance. The ambulance doctor in collaboration with the TIC doctor will provide an initial assessment and will take the necessary steps following the Republic of Uzbekistan Ministry of Health protocols to provide the medical care needed.

Together we can confront danger and overcome a difficult period in the history of our planet!