Urinary Incontinence

Many cases of incontinence can be controlled, if not cured outright. Temporary incontinence can be caused by water pills (diuretics) and many other common medications.


There are three types of bladder control problems:


  • Stress incontinence occurs when small amounts of urine leak out during exercise or a cough, a laugh or a sneeze;
  • Urge incontinence happens when the need to urinate comes on so quickly that there is not enough time to get to the toilet;
  • Overflow incontinence occurs when the bladder cannot empty itself completely.


Home Treatment


  • Do not let incontinence embarrass you. Take charge and work with you to treat any underlying conditions that may be causing the problem;
  • Do not let incontinence keep you for doing the things you like to do;
  • Avoid coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine, which over stimulates the bladder;
  • Practice “double-voiding”. Empty your bladder as much as possible, relax for a minute, and then try to empty it again;
  • Urinate on a schedule, perhaps every three to four hours during the day;
  • Incontinence is sometimes caused by a urinary tract infection.


When to Call a Doctor


  • If you experience more than one episode of unexpected urinary incontinence, even in small amounts;
  • If you feel that you cannot completely empty your bladder;
  • If urinary incontinence continues for more than a few months or is interfering with your life.