Sleep Problems

Sleep problems may including trouble getting to sleep, frequent awakening with an inability to fall back to sleep, and early morning awakening. However these matters only need to be address if you feel chronically tired. If you wake up feeling rested and alert, then there is little need to worry.


Some short-term insomnia, lasting from a few nights to a few weeks, could be caused by worry over a stressful situation. Long-term insomnia could last months or even years.




  • General anxiety;
  • Medications;
  • Chronic pain;
  • Depression;
  • Sleep Apnea, a disorder usually caused by blockage in the upper airways;
  • Other physical disorders.


Prevention Strategies


  • Regular exercise;
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking before bedtime;
  • Avoid drinking more than a glass of fluid before bedtime;
  • Engage in relaxing activities in the evening;
  • Sleep only at night, and at no time during the day;


When to See a Health Professional


  • If you suspect medications are causing sleep problem;
  • If you or your partner snores loudly and heavily, and feels excessively sleepy during the day;
  • If you experience many several episodes of Sleep Apnea, which may include breathing problems, gasps and chokes;
  • If a month of self-care strategies does not resolve the problem.

When to See a Counsellor


  • If excessive worrying appears to be causing the problem.