Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy is the branch of the Health Sciences which help patients regain or improve their physical abilities, by utilizing manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises. Every Physical Therapy treatment will:

  • Provide an evaluation and treatment of human movement dysfunctions, including muscle, joint and neurological conditions;
  • Promote healthy lifestyle;
  • Treat the underlying cause of a problem, not just its symptoms.

Available Services

  • Orthopaedics: Comprehensive treatment for all musculoskeletal injuries, including sprains, strains, dislocations, post-fracture rehabilitation, and other associated conditions;
  • Back Care: Spinal, back and cervical injuries;
  • Sciatic Nerve Treatment: Lower back, hip and leg pain;
  • Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention for all playing levels, including the application of functional bandages;
  • Joint Conditions: Frozen shoulder, knee injuries, and other associated conditions;
  • Pain Management: Acute and chronic pain treatment;
  • The Rehabilitation of Respiratory and Cardiology Conditions, as well as post-surgical work;
  • Workplace Injury Prevention;
  • Back Care Instruction for Groups: For children, teenagers, adults and women during and after pregnancy;
  • Lymphedema.

Global Posture Rehabilitation: The Mézières Method

Most of the musculoskeletal problems of the human body are caused by daily activities that produce an imbalance in the whole muscular system. Thanks to the Mézières Method, the contracted or shrunken muscles that cause pain and movement dysfunctions can be located and their initial lengths can be restored. This allows the body to regain its harmonious form.

Special groups: Back School

Learn how to undertake your daily activities in a healthy way, to improve your body’s abilities, to enhance your coordination and strength, and to take care of your back and the rest of your body, in a stimulating environment!
Customized groups can be organized for children, teenagers, adults and women during and after pregnancy.

Baby gym

Do you have a new family member? Do you want to learn lots of useful exercises to deal with most neonatology issues? Join our Baby Gym, and both you and your child will learn ways to face and overcome every challenge in your new adventure: life