Beware of Hepatitis A!!

Every year we see a few cases of Hepatitis A at the Clinic

Hepatitis A is caused by a virus that affects the liver and can cause an unpleasant illness. Some patients become very unwell with “flu like symptoms”, vomiting and general weakness for 1 week. They can also develop “jaundice” (a yellowish tinted skin) with dark urine (like “Cola”) and pale stools. Then, they might feel very tired for up to a month. The virus will gradually clear without any specific treatment. Serious problems or complications are rare and most of the patients fully recover. Immunization is advised before going to countries where hepatitis A is common like Uzbekistan.How can I avoid contracting hepatitis A?

IMMUNIZATION: You should have been advised to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A before coming to Uzbekistan. One single injection will protect you for 1 year. A further injection after 6 months will protect you for 10 years. If you haven’t had your vaccine, please book an appointment at the Clinic.

HYGIENIC MEASURES: Avoid eating and drinking raw or inadequately cooked shellfish, raw salads and vegetables, untreated drinking water, ice cubes made from untreated water and non pasteurized milk. Good personal hygiene (in particular, washing hands after going to the toilet) helps to prevent spreading the virus to others.If you have further concerns, please do not hesitate in approaching one of our doctors who will be very happy to discuss this matter with you.